Mailing Bags

IDS negotiates special pricing for mail bags for IDS members. - See more at:

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The IDS Users Manual is a reference document for IDS member library staff. The manual describes the purpose and operations of the IDS. It includes information on membership requirements, policies and fees of interest to the library administrator and instructions for shipping and receiving materials for interlibrary loan.

Download the Users Manual updated July 25, 2016 (PDF)

 *Please note that the July 2016 update contains one update in Section 3.2 Packaging Requirements about the maximum size that a  package can be.


Filing a Claim with UPS for a Lost Package

All IDS packages shipped through UPS are insured up to $100.  If your library needs to file a claim with UPS for a lost package, please call 1-800-742-5877.  IDS does not file claims for libraries, as the library has the information about the contents and value of the package.

How long do you have to report a lost package? You can report a lost or damaged package online up to five months after the date of expected delivery. If you choose to report a lost or damaged package to UPS Customer Service, you can do so up to nine months from the date of expected delivery.  UPS' statement on this timeframe can be found here.