New Member Fee Structure for Low Volume Shippers

Who can take advantage of this exciting opportunity?
K-12 School Libraries
Public Libraries
Academic Libraries
Library-related Non-Profits in Pennsylvania
PALCI Members located outside of Pennsylvania


The Interlibrary Delivery Service (IDS) of Pennsylvania provides a cost effective, efficient way to share library resources.  IDS contracts with UPS to provide shipping services for member libraries.  As a consortium, IDS saved its members 56% in shipping costs in 2015!

With the launch of Access PA’s Share It program, interlibrary loan is more accessible than ever for libraries and their patrons.  IDS is committed to making interlibrary loan shipments affordable and attainable for all libraries in Pennsylvania.


How does IDS work?

IDS Full members pay an annual fee based on the number of packages that a library plans to ship annually (Hint: a package can weigh up to 30lbs and can contain more than one book). A full member library receives their own UPS account under IDS’ consolidated UPS account. UPS will stop at the full member location when there is package to be picked up under the Smart Pick-up Plan.


Number of Packages Shipped Annually

2017 Member Fee



















Top Ten Reasons to Join IDS…

10. Bundle your SHAREit accounts with an IDS membership to make borrowing and lending materials seamless.

9. Save time and money getting materials into the hands of your students.

8. Receive library material from other schools, public libraries, colleges, universities, and special libraries.

7. Take advantage of a service that is being subsidized with state funds.

6. With UPS tracking, never lose a package again.

5. Have materials picked up and delivered directly to your school building.

4. Daily delivery of packages with the flexibility of pickups when needed.

3. Budgeting made simple with annual membership fees, including billing options through School District or IU.

2. Costs per package not to exceed $5.00.

1. So simple, anyone can use it (free training available).


Feel free to contact us with questions....


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I join IDS?

Most school libraries use SHAREit to request materials for their students. With an IDS membership you are able to ship and receive materials direct to your school thus getting materials to students faster!

2. Will the member fee come out of my library budget?

Not necessarily, if you would like to have the membership bill sent to your district we can do that. We can also combine the membership fees for individual school libraries onto one district bill.

3. Do I have to wait until a certain time to join?

No, you can join IDS at any time. We will prorate your membership fee.

4. How can I convince my administrator to join?

First, IDS provides you with a fixed membership fee structure each year which is great for budgeting purposes. Second, if you ship below your maximum number of packages in a year, you will not pay more than $5.00 per package. Third, you get the tracking, insurance, and reliability of UPS so materials are never “lost in the mail.”