Board Nominations & Elections

Each year, the IDS Nominating Committee seeks to identify individuals willing to stand for election to the IDS Board of Directors.   The IDS Board has 14 members, two appointed and 12 elected.  Candidates must represent institutions that are full members of IDS and should represent various types of libraries and geographic regions. There is a tradition of asking those eligible for re-election if they wish to be on the ballot again.


Candidates elected to the board will serve a term of three years.  Board members attend three to four meetings per year that take place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; IDS reimburses for travel expenses.  Additionally, a member usually has one committee assignment.  Committees may meet by phone, in-person or through e-mail; committee travel is also reimbursed. The Bylaws of the organization contain a full description of the Board and its duties.  


The slate of candidates is presented to the IDS Full membership in late August or early September; write-in ballots are allowed. Each full member library is allowed to cast one vote for each open seat on the board.  Votes are collected electronically.  The election results are announced at the Annual Member Meeting, usually held in October.


If you are interested in running for election, please contact Pamela Dinan at