2017 Annual Member Meeting


This year, IDS is taking its Annual Member Meeting virtual after the success of last year’s virtual meeting.  Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 3, 2017 from 9am – 10am.  We will connect via Adobe Connect and the meeting will be recorded. 


You can access the meeting room here: https://connect.bucksiu.org/ids2017/

The room is now open to test your connection prior to the meeting. Participants will need speakers to hear the audio through the computer. We will rely on the chat feature for questions/comments.


During the meeting, we will provide an update on IDS as well as hold a membership vote on revisions to the organizational bylaws. 


Revised Bylaws


The IDS Board of Directors is recommending changes to the organizational bylaws. The full membership will have the opportunity to vote on these changes during this virtual meeting. Click here to find the full version of the bylaws with the recommended changes; sections containing changes are highlighted. Please review them in preparation for the vote. If you have any questions for the ByLaws Committee, please send them to Pam Dinan, who will forward them on.


Summary of changes:


Section 3.8. Meetings

Addition of language allowing member meetings to be held through a variety of modalities (face to face, virtual, via telephone).


Removal of the requirement that the Annual Member Meeting be held at the Pennsylvania Library Association Conference (PaLA). Prior language limited the Board in the event that PaLA conference does not have space for IDS, changes meeting dates or cancels the conference.


Section 4.1. Function of the Board; Number and Qualifications of Directors

Addition of language to account for At-Large members sitting on the Board. An At-Large Director is defined as an individual not employed by organizations which are Members. An example would be representatives from PALCI or the Keystone Library Network.


Section 4.3. Nomination of Directors

Change of language that allows the Board to run the annual election without a double slate if necessary. The nominating committee will attempt to identify a double slate “to the fullest extent possible.” Language was also added to allow Directors running for a second term to run uncontested.


IDS will not hold a member meeting at the PaLA Conference in Pittsburgh as we normally do.  The virtual meeting is replacing the face-to-face meeting this year.  Be sure to join us at PaLA for a panel discussion titled “Pennsylvania Library Networks and Services Organizations: What We Do and How We Can Help Your Library” on Tuesday, October 17 at 9am!